Why I love DOOM  (2016)

I love DOOM 2016 because of the feeling that the game gives you of being an absolute bad ass space marine. The way your character rips through the hordes of hell spawn, your fist punching through the flesh of any demon foolish enough to get close to you. Plunging your blood drenched fist right through an Imp’s chest cavity, it’s hellish screams filling the halls of the U.A.C. facility. 

The speed at which you race through the various labs and research facilitys, the walls caked in the blood and entrails of the former employees who were slaughtered when the portal to hell burst open, sending the denizens of the underworld across the red planet. 

An arsenal of high tech and old school weapons are the tools at your disposal to lay waste to the endless minions of hell who dare to challenge your might. The bang of the double barrel shotgun echoing through the corridors as the demons are turned into a bloody paste when your shotgun let’s loose two shells worth of pain into their waiting skulls. Running past a horde of Imps, Barons and other demonic entities then firing a rocket into the crowd and watching what was once a group of demons reduced to a lone Imp, knowing he’s about to meet his end. The many and distinct weapons that you have access to makes the combat with the enemies that you come across unique every time. 

Walking down a darkened hallway filled to the brim with weapons and ammo, reaching a massive door, a sense of foreboding falls over you. The feeling of fear is new and almost alien as before you’ve almost always been the most powerful force roaming around the surface of Mars. This sense of dread as you come face to Face with the behemoth known as the Cyberdemon fills you with the rage and power to take on this monster of demon and machine. 

The progression that comes from exploring the different parts of the U.A.C. that you come across. Finding relics and weapon upgrade parts to mod and unlock special abilities for your arsenal of weapons. Chips pulled from the suits of dead soldiers allowing you to purchase new moves and functions for your suit. 

The hordes of hell are fast and agile, jumping on walls, climbing over parts of the environment getting ever close to you. They act like the only thought they have is to tear you limb from limb and paint the walls with your blood. Their never ending lust for your blood and relentless attacks makes you really feel like you’re up against the armies of Hell.

If you haven’t already it is pretty obvious that I love DOOM (2016). It very quickly became one of my favorite shooters, one of my favorite all around games of 2016. It is a master class in game design and a pitch perfect shooter. It is a game that simply cannot be missed. 


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