Saint’s Row 4 Review (PS3)

If you were to look up absurd, crazy or wacky in the dictionary you’ll most likely find a picture of Saints Row 4. The fourth entry in the Saints Row franchise takes everything good about Saints Row the third and turns it up to eleven. Since we’ve last seen the Saints they’ve been helping various organizations with secret operations, During one of these missions you through a series of actions end up stopping a terrorist plot and becoming the president of the United States. Jump ahead a few months and you’re the president, deciding whether or not to cure cancer or end world hunger. The party doesn’t last long when an alien army and their leader Zinyak attack earth, amongst the chaos of the attack you and your fellow saints are captured and trapped inside a virtual recreation of Steelport. The perks of being in a virtual world is that you gain superpowers like super speed, super jump, glide and fire and ice blast.

Gameplay- The gameplay in Saint’s Row 4 remains largely unchanged from past games. The biggest change comes from the superpowers, which allow you to get across the city in the blink of an eye, or go gliding around the city like Superman. The third person shooting is as good as it ever was, even if it’s still behind most third person shooters. Various side activities return from past games, but with the added twist of superpowers. Regenerating health is now gone in favor of health pick ups to keep the player always moving forward. The armory of weapons the player has at their fingertips is as over the top and wild as ever, including a dubstep gun, a alien ray gun and various guns from film and television. The difficulty is pretty low Thanks to the the superpowers, but the game tries to balance this by throwing wave after wave of enemies at you. Overall the gameplay is polished if a little too familiar.

Graphics- Graphics wise Saints Row 4 is barely above average. Character models are good, even if the facial animation leaves something to be desired. The graphics probably took a dip in quality to allow for superpowers, however the games use of particle effects makes up for the lackluster graphics, they give the battles great visual flare. Overall the graphics get the job done, but they are Nothing to write home about.

Audio- The audio in Saints Row 4 is great. The various guns in the game all pack a satisfying punch. Each and every voice actor and actress brings their character to life with their own unique touch. The soundtrack is also filled with various tracks and genres, from rock to rap and reggae to pop. Overall the audio in Saints Row 4 is very well done.

Negatives-  Saints Row 4 has a few drops in it’s framerate during very hectic battles with multiple enemies on screen at one time. The game does recycle a lot of the activities from Saints Row the Third and makes them side quests, which comes off as lazy on the developers part. I also encountered a couple freezes which required a hard reset of the console, along with screen tearing and lip synching problems.

Verdict- Saints Row 4 may feel very similar to Saints Row The Third, yet the addition of superpowers gives the franchise a fresh feel. The game is also just an absolute blast to play from start to finish. Overall Saints Row 4 is a Fun if a familiar game that doesn’t do much in the way of innovation but does provide one Hell of a ride.


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