Remember Me Review (PS3)

Remember Me presents a world in which memories can be shared, stolen and erased. This ability comes via a new technology called Sensen, Sensen allows the user to have direct control over their memories to do with what they wish. With this technology the Memorize Corporation has direct control over the people and their mind’s. This prompts a small group of rebels known as Errorists to take it into their hand’s to bring down Memorize. Among them is the best memory hunter in the city, Nilin. Players step into Nilin’s shoe’s and begin their mission to take down the Memorize Corporation. 

Gameplay-  The gameplay in Remember Me is a mix of third person combat and platforming. The melee combat feels very similar to the Batman Arkham games. You chain together punches ands kicks to form combos. The combos can be imbued with special effects, such as regaining health, extra damage and reducing the waiting period for your special abilities. The combat does however feel clunky and rough around the edges, the lack of a counter attack ability makes dodging the only option. The platforming is the classic run, jump and shimmy along parts of the environment. It doesn’t offer anything new and it’s not all that polished or refined. The jumping has a slight delay from when you push the button and when Nilin performs the action. Remember Me is also a very linear game, it almost always funnels you down corridor after corridor for the duration of the story. there are also memory remixes,which allow you to go into someones mind and change certain things in order to make them think or do something differently. These sections only happen every now and again, it’s a shame Because they are the most interesting.  Overall the gameplay is rough around the edges and clunky, but there is still Fun to be had. 

Graphics- The graphics in Remember Me are above average yet still not up to next gen standards. The character models are very well done, even if stiff facial animation exists here and there. The world of Neo Paris is brought to life in amazing detail, everywhere you look there’s something interesting to look at. The amount of time the developers went to in order to bring this city to life really pays off for the player. Overall the graphics of Remember Me do a wonderful job at bringing to this world to life and alive with atmosphere.

Audio- The audio in Remember Me is outstanding. The combat has a satisfying punch to every attack. The world is alive with the Sounds of the future technology and people going about their days. Nilin is brought to life perfectly by actress Kezia Burrows, who’s vulnerability and strength makes sure the player connects and comes to care about Nilin. The soundtrack in Remember Me is truly outstanding, the mix of orchestral and electronic really fits into the Neo future world of Remember Me. Overall the audio in Remember Me is definitely the best thing it has going for it, the composer and audio department really hit it out of The park. 

Negatives- Although Remember Me starts strong it very quickly becomes a mess plot wise due to various out of nowhere plot twists that do not Make a lot of sense. The combo lab system, while a great idea very quickly falls far short of it’s potential. The very linear nature of the game hurts the pacing and allows boredom to set in before you reach the games climax.

Verdict- Remember Me is a unique game that has some pretty big flaws, yet the world it creates and the characters that inhabit it are truly unique and worth experiencing. The gameplay may be slightly unpolished and rough around the edges, but it serves to let you explore the world and discover it’s wonders. Remember Me has some big questions for the player about technology and how much is too much.


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